August 30, 2021

I Have An Investor KITAS – What Work Can I Do With It?

We get asked this question a lot by Investor KITAS clients in Bali, Indonesia, who have a PT PMA Company.

With the Investor KITAS, you are allowed to manage your company in Indonesia.

Jobs you are permitted to do include:

  • Meetings with suppliers & staff
  • Staff training
  • Online marketing activities
  • Give talks & lectures
  • Manage the business finances
  • Negotiate large business deals
  • Visit the site of your business & potential new business locations

The Investor KITAS does not allow you to do manual work for your company.

Examples of work you cannot do:

  • Serve customers on a small scale. For instance, you cannot work at the cash register, serve food to tables or take orders
  • Teach a class, such as yoga, fitness or surfing
  • Perform at a venue, such as singing or playing an instrument in a band
  • Undertake manual marketing activities, such as doing product photography or setting up your stand at events

If the work you want to do in Bali, Indonesia, falls into these later categories, you will need a working KITAS rather than an Investor KITAS.

For more information on setting up a PT PMA company in Bali (required to sponsor an Investor KITAS), applying for the Investor KITAS, and the associated costs, take a look at our post here.

Do get in touch with your queries and questions.

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