August 30, 2021

How To Travel To Bali, Indonesia.


At the time of writing (30th August 2021), there is a PPKM emergency lockdown in effect across Bali and Java. This puts restrictions on entry for foreigners to Indonesia. It is currently not possible to apply for or enter Indonesia with any of the following:

  • B211 Offshore Visa (Business Visa – Unavailable since July 2021)
  • Social Visit Visa (Unavailable since March 2020)
  • Free Entry Visa (Unavailable since March 2020)

To enter Indonesia as a foreigner you need to have

  • KITAS/KITAP (Working, Investor or Residents Visa)
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Humanitarian Visa

It is not currently possible to apply for a working, Investor or Residents KITAS offshore (outside of Indonesia.)

If you have one of the valid visas to enter Indonesia you will also need proof of vaccination from COVID-19. You will also need to do 8 days quarantine in Jakarta at a hotel that is on the government’s list. This is updated regularly so get in touch for the latest edition and to ask us more questions.

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