Investor Kitas (Type 313 and 314) is issued to applicants who invest in a company in Indonesia and want to manage this company. Indonesian Investor KITAS consists of a lot of benefits, with the most profitable ones include the ease of application and the waiver of the work permit fee. If you satisfy all the investment requirements you should not have to pay a visa fee of 1,200USD per year. In addition, foreign investors do not have to wait long to start running their business after introducing their initial investments.

In Indonesia, you can obtain a two types of Investor KITAS:

  1. Index 313: 1-year KITAS
  2. Index 314: 2-year KITAS

Both types allow investors to repeatedly enter and leave Indonesia during the validity of the visa.

There are some restrictions on the type of work you can do with the Investor visa, which we have detailed here.

We have also written this post to explain the stages required to set up your PT PMA Company (required to sponsor your visa), the application process for your Investor KITAS and the associated costs.

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Processing :

  1. Company Registration. First, you have to provide scanned copies of the company documents to register your company in the ministry of labor. If you made company with us, then no need to provide anything.
  2. Getting e-Visa. We will prepare all the necessary documents and obtain an e-Visa type 313/314. The process takes about 10 -14 business days. After e-Visa is ready, we will send it by e-mail or WhatsApp
  3. Visa registration. You need to bring your passport to any of our offices within 7 days after arriving in Bali (or after your visa is issued if you are already here) to register your visa in Immigration and obtain a re-entry permit (required). The process takes 2 weeks. You will need to show up at Immigration once for photos and fingerprints.
  4. The last step: you will receive your passport back and ITAS online.

The following requirements to obtain an Investor KITAS :

  1. Passport cover and ID page (Validity should be 20 months for a 1-year application, and 32 months
    validity for a 2-year application)
  2. Recent bank statement with minimum funds of of approximately USD 1500
  3. Passport sized photos 4 cm x 6 cm, taken with formal attire using a white background (digital copies
  4. Address in Bali
  5. Copy color of Director ID card (KTP) and Personal Tax Identification Number
  6. Company Letter Head and Company Stamp
  7. Copy color Article of Association
  8. Copy color Legalization of the legal entity status by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  9. Copy color Company Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  10. Copy color Domicile Letter from the local district authority (SKTU)
  11. Copy color Business Indetification Number (NIB)
  12. Copy color of Business Permit
  13. Copy color of Location Permit
  14. Copy color of Environment Permit

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