August 20, 2021

Get A Wisata Tirta KITAS with Visa Agency Bali

We are excited to announce that our agency is now able to help people wanting a 12-month Wisata Tirta (Tourism) KITAS.

The jobs you can have with this KITAS are detailed in the list below. You can also check this document (relevant section: Lampiran II) for the full list of applicable jobs.

We also have a 6-month Impresariat KITAS available (relevant section: Lampiran I) for other roles, mainly revolving around the arts. Please check this blog post for more details.

The Wisata Tirta job list includes:

Directors & Managers

1233 | Manajer Pemasaran | Marketing Manager 

1239 | Manajer Selam | Diving Manager

1239 | Manajer Pelayaran | Cruise Manager

1239 | Manajer Sarana Wisata | Tourism Facility Manager

1239 | Manajer Wisata | Tour Manager

1239 | Manajer Ilmu Keolahragaan | Sport Science Manager

1316 | Manajer Armada | Fleet Manager

1319 | Manajer Umum | General Manager

Advisors & Promoters

2412 | Penasihat Riset dan Pengembangan | Research and Development Advisor

2412 | Penasihat Pemasaran | Marketing Advisor

2412 | Penasihat Wisata Tirta | Water Tourism Advisor

2412 | Penasihat Wisata Bahari | Marine Tourism Advisor

3475 | Pelatih Selam | Diving Coach

3475 | Pelatih Selancar | Surfing Coach

We are offering these 12-month KITAS.

You have to be within the territory of Indonesia to apply for this visa and we charge IDR15,000,000 for the 12 month KITAS. You will also need to pay the visa fee (USD 150) and 12 month's tax (USD 1200).

Get in touch with us today to discuss how you can work under the Wisata Tirta KITAS in Bali, Indonesia.

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