May 12, 2022

New Regulations for B211 Visa for Bali – Onshore & Offshore

On 11th May 2022 Indonesia immigration updated the regulations for the B211 Visit Visa.

The changes apply to all B211 visas, whether B211a or B211b, no matter what date they were issued.

You can read the new regulations in Bahasa Indonesia here or the unofficial English translation here.

About the B211 Visa for Bali, Indonesia

The B211 Visit Visa is often referred to as the Business Visa when purchased offshore, or the Social Visa when purchased onshore. It is a single entry eVisa delivered online, so there is no need for you to visit the consulate or embassy to get it. The B211 Visit Visa becomes void when you leave Indonesia.

B211 Visa Length & Extensions

The new regulation states the initial validity of the B211 visa for Bali is 60 days for both onshore and offshore applications. It is possible to extend the visa a maximum of 2 x and each extension is 60 days. So the maximum validity possible for the visa is 180 days.

Alternatively, the regulations state it is now possible to get a 180 day B211 Visit Visa that you do not need to extend. At the end of 180 days, you cannot extend it, you must buy a new visa. However, we are still waiting for the application system to update to allow this option.

B211 Visa Prices

The B211 Visit Visa is IDR 3,750,000 for both offshore and onshore applications with the visa delivered in 7-10 working days.

If you need express service the prices are as follows:

1 day: IDR 3,750,000 + IDR 7,000,000
2 days: IDR 3,750,000 + IDR 5,000,000
3 days: IDR 3,750,000 + IDR 2,000,000

Each 60 day extension costs IDR 2,750,000.

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