January 9, 2024

How To Extend Your Visa On Arrival for Bali (eVOA)

The Visitor Visa B213, also known as Visa on Arrival, is the Visa most travellers will need to get when coming to Bali. You might sometimes hear it called the Visa on Arrival, Visit Visa, or Visitor Visa.

The Visa on Arrival (VOA) in Bali is a temporary visa that enables foreign tourists to remain in Indonesia for a maximum of 60 days (initially issued for 30 days, it can be extended once for another 30 days.) It’s a hassle-free option as it doesn’t require travellers to apply for visas before your trip, although it is possible to do so with the eVOA which you can find out about here.

Citizens from the following countries may enjoy Visa on Arrival:

​01. Albania ​​​ ​32. India ​63. Portugal
​02. Andorra ​33. Ireland​ ​64. Qatar
​03. Argentina ​34. Italy ​65. Romania
​04. Australia ​35. Japan ​66. Russia
​05. Austria ​36. Jordan ​67. Rwanda
​06. Bahrain ​37. Kazakhstan ​68. San Marino
​07. Belarus ​38. Kenya ​69. Saudi Arabia
​08. Belgium ​39. Kuwait ​70. Serbia
​09. Bosnia and Herzegovina ​40. Laos ​71. Seychelles
​10. Brazil ​ ​41. Latvia ​72. Singapore
​11. Brunei Darrussalam ​42. Liechtenstein ​73. Slovakia
​12. Bulgaria ​43. Lithuania ​74. Slovenia
​13. Cambodia ​44. Luxembourg ​75. Souht Africa
​14. Canada ​45. Macao ​76. South Korea
​15. Chile ​ ​46. Malaysia ​77. Spain
​16. Colombia ​47. Maldives ​78. Suriname
​17. Croatia ​48. Malta ​79. Sweden
​18. Cyprus ​49. Mexico ​80. Switzerland
​19. Czech ​50. Monaco ​81. Taiwan
​20. Denmark ​51. Morocco ​82. Thailand
​21. Ecuador ​ ​52. Myanmar ​83. Timor-Leste
​22. Egypt ​53. Netherlands ​84. Tunisia
​23. Estonia ​54. New Zealand ​85. Turkey
24. Finland ​55. Norway ​86. Ukraine
​25. French ​56. Oman ​87. United Arab Emirates​
​26. Germany ​57. Palestine ​88. United Kingdom
​27. Greece ​58. Panama ​89. United States of America
​28. Guatemala ​59. People’s Republic of China ​90. Uzbekistan
​29. Hongkong​ ​60. Peru ​91. Vatican
​30. Hungary ​61. Philippines ​92. Venezuela
​31. Iceland ​62. Poland ​93. Vietnam

You can purchase your Visa on Arrival at the desk before the immigration counter at Bali airport.

How To Extend Your eVOA For Bali

If you bought your visa online through the Molina website (https://molina.imigrasi.go.id/) before arriving in Bali, you can log into your account, find the visa, and in the menu, the option for ‘extension’ will show in the actions tab.

If you bought your eVOA online but didn’t create an account you may still be able to access it by retrieving the eVOA from Molina and applying for the extension. To do so simply open the Molina website, find the retrieve menu and then enter your Nationality, passport number and DOB and your visa should come up.

The price to extend the eVOA through the website is IDR 500,000.

* Note – Some people have been experiencing issues with the Molina website not offering the option to extend their visa. If this is the case you will need to use an agent and extend your visa the old way, which involves going to immigration for photos and fingerprints. More detail below. *

How To Extend Your Visa On Arrival For Bali

If you bought your VOA at the airport you will need to use an agent to extend it.

For this we will need your:

  1. Passport
  2. Address in Bali
  3. Arrival flight ticket and departure flight ticket

You will need to give us your passport at least 2 business days before your visa expires, ideally 1 week before. Approx 1 week later we will send you a QR code and you will need to go to immigration in Jimbaran or Denpasar depending on your address (we’ll let you know which one!)

You will show the QR code to customer services who will give you a ticket with a number on it, when that comes up on the screen you can go to the counter and show them your QR code then have your photo and fingerprints taken. Please keep the stamped ticket and send us a photo of it afterwards. Approx 3 days later you will be able to pick up your passport with your extension complete.

We offer this service for IDR 850,000 (this includes the IDR 500,000 extension fee.)

More information on visa extensions is available here.

Any questions we’ve not covered? Please get in touch to ask.

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