July 19, 2022

How To Do Your First Bali Visa Extension – B211a, B211b, Visa on Arrival (VOA), Social Visa

The first time you do your Bali visa extension you will need to go to immigration to have your fingerprints and photograph taken. This applies to people with the following visas:

Which Indonesian visas are possible to extend?

  • B211a – Social Visa (only available onshore)
  • B211b – Onshore & Offshore Business & Tourist Visa
  • Visa on Arrival (VOA) – You bought at the airport
  • KITAS – New and extension

How long are tourist visas valid before I need to do a visa extension in Bali?

The Bali tourist visas are initially valid for:

  • Visa on Arrival (VOA) – 30 days
  • B211 – Onshore Social Visa & Onshore Tourist Visa – 30 days
  • B211 – Offshore Business Visa & Offshore Tourist Visa – 60 days
  • B211 – Onshore Business Visa – 60 days

How long before expiry do I need to start the Bali visa extension process?

For those with B211a, B211b and VOA you will need to give us your passport and fee 7 days before your visa expires.

To extend a KITAS you will need to go for fingerprints and photos when the KITAS has already been applied for so it is late in the process and we will let you know with at least 1 week’s notice when you need to go.

Do I have to got for fingerprints and photographs for every extension?

No. You only need to visit immigration so they can take your fingerprints and photograph the first time you extend your visa. For future extensions you just need to give your passport and the fee to our agents in the Visa Agency Bali Berawa office and we will process the extension entirely for you.

What is the price of a Bali tourist visa extension?

The extension for B211a & B211b onshore and offshore visas is 60 days and the price is IDR 2,750,000.

The extension for Visa on Arrival (VOA) is 30 days and the price is IDR 850,000.

How many extensions can I get?

For the B211 visas you can get the 60 day extension twice. For the VOA you can get the 30 day extension once.

When will I need to go to Bali immigration for fingerprinting?

We will tell you the appointment time to visit immigration. It is usually 7 days after you submit your passport to us for the extension. It will be at Jimbaran or Denpasar immigration office depending on your address in Bali, and we will inform you which office to go to. If you have plans to travel around Indonesia or the island of Bali please let us know so we can make the appointment on the appropriate day.

What are the steps for fingerprinting at Bali immigration?

Before your appointment, we will send you your billing by WhatsApp. Please bring this with you and take the following steps:

  1. Arrive at the Immigration office we told you of 10 minutes before your appointment time
  2. Go to the Customer Service counter and show your billing, you will get a queue number
  3. Wait until your number or your name is called by the officer and come to the fingerprint room
  4. Have your photo and fingerprints taken and give your queue number to the officer who will stamp and sign it
  5. Take a picture of your stamp and signed queue number and send it to us via WhatsApp
  6. When you have had your fingerprints taken, you can leave the Immigration office and we will text you when your visa extension is done.

bali visa extension HOW TO EXTEND YOUR bali tourist VISA on arrival or B211 FINGERPRINTS & PHOTOS AT BALI IMMIGRATION

How long does a Bali visa extension take?

From start to finish the process is usually around 2 weeks. 1 week prior to fingerprinting and then 1 week until you will get your passport back. If you need it faster we can do express service for an additional IDR 1,000,000. If you need to travel around Indonesia it is possible with another form of official ID and a photocopy of your passport.

How do I apply for a visa for Bali?


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