April 20, 2022

Indonesian Immigration Offices Opening Hours Over Idul Fitri

Due to the religious holiday Eid al-Fitr, the Indonesian Immigration Office will be closed from Friday 29th April until Friday 6th May. The office is also closed on weekends, so will be open again on Monday 9th May.

Below we explain how this will affect our visa services.

Offshore B211 Visa to Travel To Indonesia

If You Need A B211 Visa For Travel Before Idul Fitri

If you will be travelling to Bali before Tuesday 10th May you will need to receive your visa before the office closes. This means that you will need our express service and the last day you can send us your documents and the fee for your application is tomorrow, Thursday 21st April.

B211 Visa For Travel Soon After Idul Fitri

If you plan to travel to Bali with the B211 visa between 10th – 15th May, you will need to apply with our express service by Monday 25th April.

For those arriving between 16th – 19th of May, you will need to apply before April 27th to use our normal service, or you can use our express service and apply by Monday 9th May.

Our express service costs IDR 4,750,000 per person and our normal service is IDR 3,750,000 per person. Find out everything you need for the B211 application process here.

Normal B211 Processing Times After Idul Fitri

If you are travelling to Bali on or after Friday 20th May, you can apply for the B211 visa using our normal service on Monday 9th May.

Onshore B211 Social Visa For Those Already in Indonesia

For those currently in Indonesia with visas expiring between 28th April and 9th May, you will need to apply for your extension or new visa before 12pm on Thursday 28th April.

Please get in touch if you have further questions.


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