January 6, 2022

Travel To Bali With The B211A Offshore Visa

If you would like to travel to Indonesia you will need to obtain an offshore B211 visa before you arrive. This is unless you:

If none of these applies to you, we can obtain your B211 visa with the following:

apply for b211a offshore visa for bali indonesia 2022 (2)


1. Colour photocopy of your passport

b211a visa application bali passport full page eg
Example of photo 2, passport information page photo.

We will need photocopies of the key pages of your passport. This can also be a well-taken photo, rather than a photocopy.

We need a picture clearly showing:

  1. the front & back cover of your passport (open your passport and place inside pages facing down so the image shows the front and back cover in one)
  2. the page with your key information on it (photo, name, DOB, passport number, etc.)


2. Photo

A formal passport-style photo.


3. Flight booking

We need details of your return flight booking.

We suggest you book your flight at least 14 days from when you have sent us all your documents and the fee (so we will have everything ready to submit your visa application.) We suggest you make a flexible booking.

You will also need a return or onward flight booking showing you intend to leave Indonesia within 180 days of arriving. This can just be a booking, it doesn’t need to be a paid for ticket. It can be to any country.


4. Bank statement

Showing you have sufficient funds for your stay in Indonesia.


5. A Covid-19 vaccination certificate (completed doses) OR a letter from your doctor;

Needs to be a full dose vaccine. If you cannot take the vaccine we need a letter from your doctor stating the medical reason why you cannot have the vaccine.


6. Health insurance or Travel insurance

You will need to get appropriate health or travel insurance to cover your stay in Indonesia and ensure the policies cover COVID and at least USD 25,000 medical expenses. The easiest provider we have found is Safety Wing.

For the visa application process, we will need to know the name of your insurance provider and your policy number.


7. Declaration letter and statement

We have drafted a declaration for you that you simply need to fill in your details, sign and send us a copy of. You can download the letter here.

If you are our client, use the following details:

Name of sponsor in Indonesia: PT. Indosarana Bali Wisata
Address of sponsor in Indonesia: Jl. Gurita I no. 26 C Pedungan Denpasar


offshore visa for bali bank details8. Our Fee

The easiest way to send our fee is by using Transferwise with the following details:

Email: info@visaagencybali.com



Account No. 7700642334


BANK’S ADDRESS : Jl. Raya Kerobokan No.8, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

The fee is IDR 3,750,000 for standard processing, which takes 7-10 business days.

We also offer express processing if you need your visa in 4 business days, which is IDR 4,750,000.

For those who need their visa in 3 business days we offer super-VIP which is IDR 5,500,000. 

If Transferwise is not an option for you, get in touch so we can find another means.

We need to receive the entire fee before we make your visa application.


The B211 Visa Application Process

1. Send all these documents by email to info@visaagencybali.com. Include your full name in the subject line of the email.

2. Send the fee using the details in the section above.

3. Once we have checked everything we will be able to make the application. Bear in mind Indonesia timezone is GMT + 8 so it may be nighttime when you contact us.

4. Once your application is sent, your visa should arrive by email in 7-10 business days (unless you have paid for one of our express options)

5. We have not had any applications rejected before, so you can be confident in receiving your visa.


Documents Required to Enter Indonesia in 2022 with B211 Visit Visa

Please print out or bring the original versions of the documents detailed below and have them with you when you travel:

1. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine

This needs to be in English as well as the language of the country you got it in, if that is not English. If you cannot take the vaccine we need a letter from your doctor stating the medical reason why you cannot have the vaccine.

2. Onwards flight

Like before COVID, many airlines will check you have an onward flight when checking you in, to ensure you don’t overstay your visa. These don’t have to be a return ticket, just one showing a journey outside of Indonesia. Make sure it is within 180 days of your landing in Indonesia. It may be fitting for you to get a flexible or refundable ticket.

3. Statement letter

From your visa application.

4. Download and fill in your details with the PeduliLingi app

You will need to have downloaded the app and fill in the details of your journey ready to show the QR code to Indonesia immigration in Jakarta. Find more details here.

Process of arriving in Bali as a tourist in 2022 with the B211 visa

Once you arrive in Bali you will need to go to have your temperature checked and if it is above 37.5 degrees celsius you will need to take a PT-PCR test.

If it is below 37.5 you can go to the immigration counters for inspection of immigration and customs documents to enter Bali, Indonesia.

Next, you can pick up your baggage and proceed through customs.

Key Facts about the B211 Visa

The initial visa validity is 60 days.

You can then extend the visa 4 x for 30 days each time, so the maximum visa validity is 180 days (these days include the day you land and leave.)

Each extension needs to be applied for at least 4 business days before your visa validity expires and costs IDR 800k.

If you leave Indonesia before your visa is expired, your visa will be voided and you will have to get a new one if you wish to return to Indonesia.

For the first extension, you will need to go to the immigration office to get fingerprinted and photographed. We have an agent at the office who will meet you and guide you through the process quickly.

After the first extension, all you will need to do is give us your passport and we will manage your future extensions for you.

You cannot work in Indonesia using this visa. If you would like to know more about living and working in Indonesia, do get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options.


How to extend the B211 visa

We’ve written everything you need to know about the Bali visa extension process in this blog post.

Have we answered your questions about the B211 visa?

Do feel free to ask us more! You can do so by sending an email to info@visaagencybali.com or a WhatsApp message to +62 813 3827 7350 for guidance in English or +62 812 3617 8788 for Bahasa Indonesia.

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