October 14, 2021

New Regulations for B211 Offshore Visa

Yesterday (13th October 2021) a new decree was released by Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna H. Laoly regarding the types of activities foreigners are allowed to do on various visa types.

The decree states three new specified activities are now permissible under the visas. These activities are:

  1. Tourism and filmmaking as a visit visa activity with visa index B211A (offshore visa.)
  2. Making commercial films and, having obtained permission from the competent authority, as limited stay visa activity with visa index C312 (Study KITAS, sponsored by a university.)
  3. Attending educational activities as a limited stay visa activity with visa index C316 (KITAS.)

Single-entry Visitor Visa (B211A)

It is very important to know that this type of visa cannot be used to work in Indonesia, yet can be applied for to carry out the following activities:

  1. Tourism
  2. Family
  3. Social
  4. Arts and culture
  5. Duties of government
  6. Non-commercial sports
  7. Comparative studies, short courses, and short training
  8. Conduct business talks
  9. Make purchases of goods
  10. Give lectures or attend seminars
  11. Participate in international exhibitions
  12. Participate in meetings held with the head office or representatives in Indonesia
  13. Continue to travel to other countries;
  14. Join transportation means in Indonesia
  15. Filming
  16. Join the means of transportation in Indonesia
  17. Visits for the development of the marina industry (yachters)
  18. Aid workers, medical, and food support

The visa requirements remain the same and we have explained them in detail here.

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