September 16, 2021

Indonesian Offshore Visa Now Available – What You Need To Know

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As of 16th September 2021, it is possible to apply for and enter Indonesia with the offshore B211 visa. The full list of requirements are detailed as follows:

October 2021 OFFSHORE VISA requirements update (1)


1. Colour photocopy of your passport

We will need photocopies of the key pages of your passport. This can also be a well-taken photo, rather than a photocopy.

We need a picture clearly showing:

  1. the front & back cover of your passport (open your passport and place inside pages facing down so the image shows the front and back cover in one)
  2. the page with your key information on it (photo, name, DOB, passport number, etc.)


2. A Covid-19 vaccination certificate (completed doses) OR a letter from your doctor;

Needs to be a full dose vaccine. If you cannot take the vaccine we need a letter from your doctor stating the medical reason why you cannot have the vaccine.


3. Health insurance or Travel insurance

You will need to get appropriate health or travel insurance to cover your stay in Indonesia and ensure the policies cover COVID. The easiest provider we have found is Safety Wing.

For the visa application process, we will need to know the name of your insurance provider and your policy number.


4. Declaration letter and statement

We have drafted a declaration for you that you simply need to fill in your details, sign and send us a copy of. You can download the letter here.

If you are our client, use the following details:

Name of sponsor in Indonesia: PT. Indosarana Bali Wisata
Address of sponsor in Indonesia: Jl. Gurita I no. 26 C Pedungan Denpasar


5. Flight booking

We need details of your return flight booking.

We suggest you book your flight at least 14 days from when you have sent us all your documents and the fee (so we will have everything ready to submit your visa application.) We suggest you make a flexible booking.

You can book your flight all the way to Bali, or to Jakarta then get a domestic flight to Bali.

You will also need a return or onward flight booking showing you intend to leave Indonesia within 180 days of arriving. This can just be a booking, it doesn’t need to be a paid for ticket. It can be to any country.



B211 visa application process6. Our Fee

The easiest way to send our fee is by using Transferwise with the following details:


 I Gede Arya Wirya Suta

Beneficiary’s bank name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Account No. 0402459971


The fee is 4,750,000 or 5,750,000 depending on how fast you need your visa.

If Transferwise is not an option for you, get in touch so we can find another means.

We need to receive the entire fee before we make your visa application.


The B211 Visa Application Process

1. Send us all these documents by email to and include your full name in the subject line of the email.

2. Send the fee using the details in the section above.

3. Send us a message to check everything is in order for your application. You can send this either to Facebook or WhatsApp:


Bear in mind Indonesia timezone is GMT + 8 so it may be nighttime when you contact us.

4. Once we have checked everything we will be able to make the application.

5. Once your application is sent, your visa should arrive by email in 3-7 business days.

6. We have not had any applications rejected before, so you can be confident in receiving your visa.


Entering Indonesia in 2021

Many airlines have additional requirements at this time. We have detailed them below. Please print everything out and have it with you when you travel.

1. 5 days quarantine in Jakarta

You are required to do 5 days quarantine in Jakarta. There is a selection of hotels to choose from for your quarantine which you can book through this link.

2. Negative COVID test result

This is needed by airlines and Indonesian immigration. It needs to be a PCR test with a QR code and has to be done within 3 days of when you will land in Indonesia.

3. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine

Needs to be a full dose vaccine. If you cannot take the vaccine we need a letter from your doctor stating the medical reason why you cannot have the vaccine.

4. Onwards flight

Like before COVID, many airlines will check you have an onward flight when checking you in, to ensure you don’t overstay your visa. These don’t have to be a return ticket, just one showing a journey outside of Indonesia. Make sure it is within 180 days of you landing in Indonesia. It may be fitting for you to get a flexible or refundable ticket.

5. Download and fill in your details with the E-HAC app

You will need to have downloaded the E-HAC app from Apple or Google and fill in the details of your journey ready to show the QR code to Indonesia immigration in Jakarta.

6. Immigration questions

You may be asked what the purpose is of your visit to Indonesia. Please check with us so you know who your sponsor is etc.


Key Facts about the B211 Visa

The initial visa validity is 60 days.

You can then extend the visa 4 x for 30 days each time, so the maximum visa validity is 180 days (these days include the day you land and leave.)

Each extension needs to be applied for at least 4 business days before your visa validity expires and costs IDR 800k.

If you leave Indonesia before your visa is expired, your visa will be voided and you will have to get a new one if you wish to return to Indonesia.

For the first extension, you will need to go to the immigration office to get fingerprinted and photographed. We have an agent at the office who will meet you and guide you through the process quickly.

After the first extension, all you will need to do is give us your passport and we will manage your future extensions for you.

You cannot work in Indonesia using this visa. If you would like to know more about living and working in Indonesia, do get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options.


Have we answered your questions?

Do feel free to ask us more! You can do so by sending an email to

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