February 2, 2022

How you can work in the arts in Bali – Get an Impresariat KITAS with Visa Agency Bali

Our agency is delighted to be able to help people wanting an Artist (Impresariat) KITAS! This allows you to work in the Arts, with potential jobs including DJ, Musician, Dancer, Artist, Model and more – find the full list of options below.

The Impresariat job list includes:

Artists, Creators & Performers

2453 | Pengarah Seni | Art Director

2453 | Pengarah Musik | Music Director

2453 | Musisi | Musician

2453 | Penyanyi | Singer

2453 | Disjoki | Disc Jockey

2455 | Aktris/Aktor | Actress/Actor

3473 | Penari | Dancer

3474 | Pemain Akrobat | Acrobatic

3474 | Pemain Sirkus | Circus Player

3474 | Pemain Sirkus | Circus Player

3474 | Pesulap | Magician

5210 | Pengawal Pribadi/Model Iklan | Ad Model

5210 | Peraga Busana | Fashion Model

Directors & Managers

2455 | Manajer Pertunjukan | Show Manager

2455 | Sutradara Film | Film Director

2455|  Pengarah Lampu | Light Director

3474 | Pemandu Karaoke | Karaoke Guide

Check this document (relevant section: Lampiran I) for the full list of jobs you can have with this KITAS. We also have a 12-month KITAS available (relevant section: Lampiran II) for other roles, mainly revolving around tourism management. Please check this blog post for more details.

Working visa for the Arts in Bali, Indonesia

Terms, Timings & Price

The maximum duration for an Impresariat KITAS is 6 months. To process the visa takes 4 weeks with our standard service and 2 weeks with our express service.

The KITAS is only available onshore and the price is IDR12,500,000 for our standard 4-week service. You will also need to pay the visa fee (USD 150) and 6 months’ tax (USD 600) upfront. If you have a company that will sponsor your visa the price is IDR 10,500,000. For both options, if you would like our 2-week express service, this will cost an additional IDR 3,000,000.

If you are currently outside of Indonesia you will need to enter Indonesia with the B211 offshore visa. We can then start the process of applying for your Impresariat KITAS.

How to get a visa to work in the Arts in Bali

To apply for your Impresariat KITAS, we need the following:

  • Passport cover and ID page (Validity should be at least 12 months for the 6 month application)
  • Recent bank statement with minimum funds of approximately USD 2000
  • Passport-sized photos 4 cm x 6 cm, taken with formal attire using a white background (digital copies preferred)
  • A valid Health or travel insurance
  • Evidence it had received doses of the vaccine Covid 19 completely (or letter from Dr)
  • Last visa stamp
  • Statement letter of willingness to comply with the health protocols in Indonesia

Get in touch with us today using the form below to discuss how you can work under the Impresariat KITAS in Bali, Indonesia.

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