February 11, 2022

Get a KITAS to Teach Yoga with Visa Agency Bali

We are excited to announce that our agency is now able to help people wanting to work as a Yoga Instructor in Bali.

Teach Yoga in Bali

The jobs you can have with this KITAS are Yoga Instructor, Marketing Manager or Marketing Advisor.

The 12-month KITAS will be under the business classification of SPORTS AND RECREATION EDUCATION SERVICES.

How to legally work as a Yoga Instructor in Bali

  • You can apply onshore or offshore to apply for this visa.
  • Processing the visa offshore takes 3 weeks to get e-Visa to travel to Bali, then 10 days to convert to KITAS when you are here in Bali.
  • Processing the visa onshore takes 1.5 – 2 months.
  • The price for offshore is IDR12,500,000. For onshore it is IDR17,500,000 (from B211.)
  • You will also need to pay 12 months’ tax (USD 1200) when you apply for the Yoga Instructor KITAS and if you apply offshore there is an additional visa fee (USD 150.)

To apply for your Yoga Instructor KITAS, we need the following:

For onshore & offshore applications

  • Passport cover and ID page (Validity should be at least 18 months for the 12-month application)
  • Copy colour of Graduated Certificate (Diploma)
  • Copy colour of Reference Letter (from an old employer)
  • Passport style photo size 4 × 6, respectively 2 pieces (red background)
  • Email address and phone number
  • Vaccine Certificate with full doses
  • Copy colour of health or travel Insurance Policy
  • Statement letter of willingness to comply with the health protocols in Indonesia (we will provide a draft for you to sign)
  • Recent bank statement with minimum funds of approximately USD 2,000

Onshore applicants also require:

  • eVisa, payment receipt and Last Visa Stamp B211 (min. valid for 45 days)
  • Statement letter from old sponsor
  • Documents from old sponsor

Get in touch with us today using the form below to discuss how you can work under the Yoga Instructor KITAS in Bali, Indonesia.


If you are currently outside of Indonesia you will need to enter Indonesia with the B211 offshore visa. We can then start the process of applying for your KITAS should you wish to work in Bali.

Our agency is also able to help people wanting an Artist (Impresariat) KITAS or in tourism-related roles with a Wisata Tirta KITAS.

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